Voor uitsluitend de beste Figaro's direct uit Japan en de UK

Hi and Hello to all US citizens;

Welcome to our new website.

We are considered to be the largest European retailer that exclusively deals with Figaros and import them straight from Japan to have them modified in house and prepare them for years and years of driving FUN!

We Always have a large collection of all available colors in stock and since the car is now 32 years of age it is easy to import them in the USA to let you guys also enjoy what we have been doing for the last decades!

Apart from the fact that we offer the cars themselves we also sell the Original accessoires and spareparts to keep your Figaro up to date!

All Figaros are fitted with a multipoint injection system, catalytic converter with Lambda sonde, turbo charger, Aircon, electric windows, 3rd brakelight, seatbeltpretensioners, auto gearbox, leather upholstery, tinted windows, and the unique folding down roof that makes it into a convertible.

Do not hesitate to contact us via email for more info, we are online to service you most of the time!

Prices start from USD 9000 for fully modified cars including new roofs, mechanical check, modifications to the electric system, power windows, engine management, etc, etc.

We can help out in searching the best transportcompany/broker to ship to the US, but offcourse you are welcome to source your own.

Payment via PayPal or bankaccount before shipment can be arranged.
Buy with confidence from the largest retailer of Figaro's in Europe.

On each car in the 'stock' page you can see the price mentioned in Euros.